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Accepted Papers

  • #63 Wei-Lun Chang and Sian-Ting Lin. 
    Analyzing Personality Correlation of Social Network in Organizations
  • #77 Qinna Wang and Eric Fleury. 
    Community detection with fuzzy community structure
  • #119 Fang-Ling Lin and Guey-Fa Chiou. 
    Social Brokerage behind Knowledge Sharing
  • #128 Krzysztof Jędrzejewski and Mikołaj Morzy. 
    Opinion Mining and Social Networks: a Promising Match
  • #164 Dipankar Das and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay 
    Emotions on Bengali Blog Texts: Role of Holder and Topic
  • #169 Anna Zygmunt, Piotr Bródka, Przemyslaw Kazienko and Jarosław Koźlak. 
    Different Approaches to Groups and Key Person Identification in Blogosphere
  • #175 Krzysztof Juszczyszyn, Marcin Budka and Katarzyna Musiał. 
    The Dynamic Structural Patterns of Social Networks Based on Triad Transitions
  • #10 Kristofer Beck. 
    Analyzing Tweets to identify Evil messages (Short paper)
  • #130 Arjumand Younus, Muhammad Atif Qureshi, Fiza Fatima Asar, Muhammad Azam Ghullam, Muhammad Saeed Khalid and Nasir Touheed. 
    What do the Average Twitterers Say: a Twitter Model for Public Opinion Analysis in the Face of Major Political Events (Short paper)
  • #55 Jun Ming Chen, Meng Chang Chen and Yeali Sun.
    A novel approach for developing automatic knowledge construction and diagnostic system for Tag-based learning environment (Poster paper)
  • #75 Dárlinton B. F. Carvalho and Carlos Lucena. 
    Social Media Savvy: exploiting Orkut content (Poster paper)
All accepted papers for ASONAM 2011 and other workshops can be found here

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