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Conference Day 2: July 26 (Wednesday)

Poster Session

Session Chair: Prof. Leon Wang

  1. #19 Gerard Cabunducan, Ralph Castillo and John Boaz Lee: Voting Behavior Analysis in the Election of Wikipedia Admins
  2. #39 Jau-Hwang Wang and Chien-Lung Lin: An Association Model Based on Modus Operandi Mining for Implicit Crime Link Construction
  3. #53 Jianhua Hou and Han Chen: Countries co-citation network and research fronts of international energy technology
  4. #120 Kiran Babu Y and T Narendra BabuŁ Minimizing Interference Through Channel Assignment in Multiradio Wireless Mesh Networks
  5. #67 Saravanan M., Anand V., Aarthi S and Bharanidharan S: PREDICTING CUSTOMER DEMOGRAPHICS IN A MOBILE SOCIAL NETWORK
  6. #113 Conghuan Ye and Zenggang Xiong: Dense subgroup identifying in social Network
  7. #145 Kyong Jin Shim and Kuo-Wei Hsu: Effects of Mentoring on Player Performance in Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Games (MMORPGs)
  8. #191 Jason Jung: Towards Named Entity Recognition Method for Microtexts in Online Social Networks: a Case Study of Twitter
  9. #187 Kai Chen, Yi Zhou, Xiaokang Yang and Li Song: Building Artificial Identities in Social Network Using Semantic Information
  10. #55 Jun Ming Chen, Meng Chang Chen and Yeali Sun
    A novel approach for developing automatic knowledge construction and diagnostic system for Tag-based learning environment
  11. #116 Ram B Roy and Uttam Sarkar: A social network approach to examine the role of influential stocks in shaping interdependence structure in global stock markets
  12. #124 Jooyoung Lee, Yue Duan, Jae C. Oh, Wenliang Du, Howard Blair, Lusha Wang and Xing Jin: Automatic Reputation Computation through document  analysis; A Social Network Approach
  13. #110 Yohko Orito, Hitoshi Okada and Hidenobu Sai: Private Information transmission on the CGM: Japanese context and information privacy

Conference Day 3: July 27 (Wednesday)

Session D2: (Workshop) The First Workshop on Social Network Analysis in Applications (I)

Session Chair: Prof. Jason Jung
10:20-12:00, Room: M01-419

  1. #77 Qinna Wang and Eric Fleury
    Community detection with fuzzy community structure
  2. #175 Krzysztof Juszczyszyn, Marcin Budka and Katarzyna Musiał
    The Dynamic Structural Patterns of Social Networks Based on Triad Transitions
  3. #164 Dipankar Das and Sivaji Bandyopadhyay
    Emotions on Bengali Blog Texts: Role of Holder and Topic
  4. #169 Anna Zygmunt, Piotr Bródka, Przemyslaw Kazienko and Jarosław Koźlak  
    Different Approaches to Groups and Key Person Identification in Blogosphere

12:00-13:30 Lunch (Room M01-102, M01-103, M01-104)

Session E4: (Workshop) The First Workshop on Social Network Analysis in Applications (II)

Session Chair: Prof. Przemyslaw Kazienko
14:50-16:50, Room: M01-422

  1. #128 Krzysztof Jędrzejewski and Mikołaj Morzy
    Opinion Mining and Social Networks: a Promising Match
  2. #119 Fang-Ling Lin and Guey-Fa Chiou
    Social Brokerage behind Knowledge Sharing
  3. #63 Wei-Lun Chang and Sian-Ting Lin
    Analyzing Personality Correlation of Social Network in Organizations
  4. #130 Arjumand Younus, Muhammad Atif Qureshi, Fiza Fatima Asar, Muhammad Azam Ghullam, Muhammad Saeed Khalid and Nasir Touheed
    What do the Average Twitterers Say: a Twitter Model for Public Opinion Analysis in the Face of Major Political Events
Full program of ASONAM 2011 and other workshops can be found here

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