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Accepted Papers

  1. Taher Alzahrani and Kathy Horadam.
    Analysis of two crime-related networks derived from bipartite social networks
  2. Carlos Sarraute, Pablo Blanc and Javier Burroni.
    A Study of Age and Gender seen through Mobile Phone Usage Patterns in Mexico
  3. Azadeh Hemmati and Kon Shing Kenneth Chung.
    Associations between Personal Social Network Properties and Mental Health in Cancer Care
  4. Tobias Jacobs and Flavio Cirillo.
    Link Discovery in Social Networks
  5. Kyudong Park, Seungjae Oh, Heung-Chang Lee and Hyo-Jeong So.
    Dynamic Feedback Mechanism for Maximizing Interaction in Online Social Network Services
  6. Sivaraman Ramanathan, Avinash Krishnakumar and Anup K Sen.
    Incremental Solutions to Online Multi-unit Combinatorial Auctions for Information feeedback
  7. Mingming Chen, Konstantin Kuzmin and Boleslaw Szymanski.
    Extension of Modularity Density for Overlapping Community Structure
  8. Radosław Michalski, Jaroslaw Jankowski, Piotr Bródka and Przemysław Kazienko.
    The Same Network – Different Communities? The Multidimensional Study of Groups in the Cyberspace
  9. Amer Rasheed and Uffe Kock Wiil.
    PEVNET: A Framework for Visualization of Criminal Networks
  10. Lisa Kaati, Amendra Shrestha, Sofia Cassel, and Mohamed Faouzi Atig.
    Activity Profiles in Online Social Media
  11. Sarka Zehnalova, Milos Kudelka, Jan Platos, and Zdenek Horak.
    Local representatives in weighted networks

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