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SNAA 2014 Workshop (Sunday 17 August 2014)

08:30-10:00    SNAA – S1 (Convention Hall 5H)
10:00-10:30    Coffee Break
10:30-12:30    SNAA – S2 (Convention Hall 5H)
12:30-13:30    Lunch (Lijiang Hall)
13:30-15:30    SNAA – S3 (Convention Hall 5H)

Each author will have 25 minutes for the presentation and Q&A session.


Time: 08:30-10:00, Chair: Piotr Bródka, Room: Convention Hall 5H, Date: Aug 17

  • Introduction
  • Azadeh Hemmati and Kon Shing Kenneth Chung. Associations between Personal Social Network Properties and Mental Health in Cancer Care
  • Carlos Sarraute, Pablo Blanc and Javier Burroni. A Study of Age and Gender seen through Mobile Phone Usage Patterns in Mexico.
  • Kyudong Park, Seungjae Oh, Heung-Chang Lee and Hyo-Jeong So. Dynamic Feedback Mechanism for Maximizing Interaction in Online Social Network Services


Time: 10:30-12:30, Chair: Azadeh Hemmati, Room: Convention Hall 5H, Date: Aug 17

  • Lisa Kaati, Amendra Shrestha, Sofia Cassel, and Mohamed Faouzi Atig. Prasanna. Activity Profiles in Online Social Media
  • Mingming Chen, Konstantin Kuzmin and Boleslaw Szymanski. Extension of Modularity Density for Overlapping Community Structure
  • Radosław Michalski, Jaroslaw Jankowski, Piotr Bródka and Przemysław Kazienko. The Same Network - Different Communities? The Multidimensional Study of Groups in the Cyberspace
  • Sarka Zehnalova, Milos Kudelka, Jan Platos, and Zdenek Horak. Local representatives in weighted networks


Time: 13:30-15:30, Chair: Radosław Michalski, Room: Convention Hall 5H, Date: Aug 17

  • Amer Rasheed and Uffe Kock Wiil. PEVNET: A Framework for Visualization of Criminal Networks
  • Sivaraman Ramanathan, Avinash Krishnakumar and Anup K Sen. Incremental Solutions to Online Multi-unit Combinatorial Auctions for Information feedback
  • Taher Alzahrani and Kathy Horadam. Analysis of two crime-related networks derived from bipartite social networks
  • Tobias Jacobs and Flavio Cirillo. Link Discovery in Social Networks.
  • Best Paper Award Winner Presentation and SNAA Closing

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