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Research areas

The Department's research may be divided into five main groups of interest, covering: multimedia, hypermedia and VR information systems; databases theory and practice; information systems performance analysis and estimation; information retrieval over the internet and bibliographic databases; as well as theories and applications of multi-agent systems. The values of the research carried out at the Department was confirmed by many publication in the international journals and other serials form so called Philadelphia List, three monographs, and the participation of the department's staff in many international conferences. In past two years researches from our department received one assistant professor and two doctors degrees. The Department organized two national conferences called "Multimedia and Network Information Systems" in 1998 (MiSSI '98) and 2000 (MiSSI 2000). It is planned to shift the conference from national to the international level.

The Department from the beginning has been engaged into many research, development and implementation projects. In 70-ties these where mainly library information services. In 80-ties these where besides library systems some hypertext based information systems. In 90-ties our focused turned onto the Internet, together with the Main Library we developed first Polish OPAC that could be accessed via the Web pages and also catalog of several libraries under the WAIS. In this times we also carried out works on electronic documentation of scientific and technical reports. It is also worth to mention that our staff designed and implemented multimedia object-oriented database system of railroad bridges for PKP our national railroad company. The system has been successfully implemented but still new features are being added.


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