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Information about site

Site work out

Site of Departement of Information Systems was worked out by Rafał J. Dumański on base of previous versions realized under DSc Janusz Sobecki guidance.
ZSI logo was designed and made by Anna Bazan.

Site history

First version of our site was realized during the course of 'Multimedia Information Systems' in academic year 1997/1998 under DSc Janusz Sobecki guidance by:

  • Agnieszka Domańska
  • Jarosław Wójcik
  • Małgorzata Surmiak - graphics

In academic year 1998/1999 site was administrated by:

  • Dariusz Gonia
  • Mateusz Lenar

Beside continuing and updating existing pages they created an ASP application that provided information about courses.

In academic year 1999/2000 site was worked out and made by Łukasz Neuman under DSc Janusz Sobecki guidance.
He was supported by:

  • Małgorzata Neuman
  • Agnieszka Neuman
  • Marlena Wiktor

Site administrator

Since 01.01.2001 site administrator has been Rafał J. Dumański.


Copyright (C) 1997, 2004 Department of Information Systems, Wrocław University of Technology